Microneedling: Skin Perfection

Ever gone under the knife? The millennial brigade is willing to go to any lengths to get a perfect skin and don’t care that it might cost a fortune to them. There are different forms of treatment available that have the advantage of 21st century modern technology.

Plastic surgery is phenomenon that date back to centuries and even today many people assume it to be as recent as 18th century. Microneedling isn’t a term that many would be familiar with but those that visit the salon or spa for skin treatment know the procedure.

Microneedling is basically puncturing the skin for removing dirt and dust particles that cause dead cells so that they can be disposed off and new cells can take their place. It gives a glowing look to the skin and makes you look a lot younger than your biological age.

Collagen Induction Therapy

The medical term for microneedling procedure is Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) and is known by other acronyms such as Dermarolling and skin needling as well where you take sterile needles of small size and puncture the skin and make it clean.

Young and old folks deal with skin related issues these days because the 3 main ingredients essential for survival- food, air and water are replete with pollutants which is why they are recommended organic food and drink for consumption.

Everyone has a skin texture of their own where some have sensitive and others have rough skin tones and it all depends on how well your skin takes injuries because some people aren’t made for microneedling.

There are many benefits and side effects of microneedling depending on the skin tone that any person possesses. Accidents are bound to happen despite the best laid plans of mice and men and injuries require operation that leads to scarring and acne.

Overtime, dirt accumulates around the wound that aggravates skin problems that require microneedling to get rid of dead skin cells and reduce stretch marks and scars caused by wounds.

This therapy also acts as an anti-ageing procedure where you start looking a lot younger than your real age, which is good enough reason for many fitness freaks to take it up.

Microneedling is considered a safe option for people that are in good health otherwise it can cause health complications for those that are grappling with an ailment or don’t take care of their bodies.

Optional Therapy

Keep in mind that micro needling is a strict no-no for pregnant women and for people that are on acne medications and steroids as that can act as a hindrance to the procedure and lead to unforeseen side effects.

You need to hire a certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon for the procedure which takes about two hours along with the best microneedling pen available that costs between $100 to 900 depending on the length of the procedure.

You’ll start getting results within a few weeks of regular sessions although side effects such as bleeding, bruising, skin peeling, and infection have to be looked out for. The reddish mound will disappear eventually and regular skin treatment will be good to try out.