How To Buy A Hookah

A hookah is an elaborate form of water pipe used to smoke tobacco which originated in the Middle East but is quickly gaining popularity around the world. Hookah smoking is a social event and a time for close conversation with friends and family. If you are considering buying a hookah, there are a few things you should consider.

Decide whether you would like to purchase a hookah for use or as decoration, as hookahs are available in many beautiful designs. If you would like to purchase a hookah for decoration only, look for styles and colors which suit your decor. You may be able to find antique hookahs in Middle Eastern stores or on the Internet.

Know ahead of time the basic style of hookah you would like to buy. Things to consider include size, as hookahs are available in handheld sizes up to several feet tall. You should also consider material, as these smoke pipes come in metal, glass and ceramic. Finally, consider how many tubes you want for your pipe, as you can select from a single tube up to as many as four.

Buy a hookah which you will use to smoke very carefully. The first thing to consider is set up. Take the hookah apart in the store and reassemble it to make sure that set up is easy and that all of the parts are in working condition. As you are inspecting parts, take into consideration how difficult or easy the pipe will be to clean.

Have the shop attendant fill the hookah with water before you make a final decision and suck through the hoses, making sure the hookah is good quality. If it is difficult to draw air or you notice leaks in the tubes or connections of the hookah pieces, it will not smoke well and you should consider buying a different pipe.