Benefits Of Fish Oil How Can Fish Oil Improve Your Health

Taking the right fish oil dosage offers everyone a lot of advantages. Considering the many things it can do to your health, it is no longer surprising why many people try to take this supplement. The benefits that one can obtain out of taking the supplement can be associated to its high Omega 3 content. One of the many things that you can expect to obtain from taking it is an improved cardiovascular health. The presence of Omega 3 in fish oil is proven to work miracles in improving the structure of your heart including your arteries and veins. Aside from improving your cardiovascular system, you can also expect it to lower your cholesterol level.

By taking the right amount of fish oil every day, you can also protect yourself from stroke and heart attacks. Thrombosis or clot can be expected to be formed whenever plaque starts to build up your arterial wall. Once it starts to break loose and it becomes trapped in your brain, then you are at a risk of suffering from stroke. But if the clot plugs your artery, then you might suffer from heart attack. If you take in fish oil which is rich in omega 3, you will be able to break up the clots, thereby ensuring that you do not increase the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Better functioning of the brain can also be included among the many benefits of fish oil. If you are currently pregnant or if you are a nursing mother, then you can improve the intelligence of your babies by supplementing them with the right amount of fish oil. However, if you are an adult, then you can also expect to improve the functions of your brain by taking the right amount of this supplement. Omega 3 which is present in fish oil can help you improve your memory, your reasoning power and your focus. This is really a good thing especially if you want to retain your intelligence.