Applying Mascara Fake Eyelashes

So many women today are going gaga over fake eyelashes. It cannot be denied that having long lashes greatly enhances the beauty and gives it a somewhat dramatic effect.

You can see models with eyelashes to die for on billboards everywhere and this, I must say, is what makes women want it even more.

Not only do models with very nice lashes stare at you on the streets in this gigantic ads, they are also well scattered in prints. Practically all fashion and women’s magazines will tell you that the longer your eyelashes are, the more beautiful you become.

There are some women who think that applying mascara will do, but there others who won’t settle for that. This becomes a big deal to some women.

They would spend time to find other solutions to make it look like they have long eyelashes that you should envy.

Most often than not, these women will opt to use fake eyelashes instead of just settling with the trusted eyelash curler and some mascara.

For a more dramatic result, using all three hand in hand is an option for those who dare to be bold and beautiful.

If you want to be just like them, here are the basic steps that you can follow to the letter. Start off your eyelash regimen by applying the eyelashes to your eyes. Be sure to use eyelash glue and check that you don’t have any allergic reactions to both.

If you want your eyes to look a little wider and more open, I suggest that you try curling your fake eyelashes before putting on the mascara later. Be extra careful in doing this because the eyes are sensitive.

Make it a point to have a thick coat of mascara on your brush. Begin at the bottom part of the lashes and stroke the brush forward to cover the eyelash completely.

Wiggle and zigzag it from bottom to top to prevent clumps. Be gentle in stroking the mascara brush.

Pinch the eyelashes very gently using your thumb and your index finger. This is to combine and mix up the real eyelashes with the fake ones so that it won’t look like you have weird lashes sticking up. Wait for the mascara to dry off and in the process, avoid blinking.

There you have it. Why settle for the fake look if you can make it look all real by combining the real ones with the fake eyelashes? Like what they always say, if you have it, flaunt it; if you don’t, fake it. No one will really know if you just do it carefully. The important thing is to look good and feel good.

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